Hi there, I’m Mike.

Today, I co-host a podcast and run a portfolio of ecommerce brands.

On the Dad Pod, we invite dads from all walks of life to share their stories and wiscom.

On the ecommerce side, we develop products and programs that help people solve various health challenges.

Ecom Ventures logo

Previously, I co-founded Ecom Ventures.

We created and operated several DTC ecommerce brands. I amicably became a non-operating partner in 2021 and exited the company in 2022.

Before that, I ran a small agency focused on copywriting & CRO.

Some may have called it “boutique.” We helped many notable clients.

I started my career at Mindvalley.

In my final role, I ran Mindvalley Labs. Whenever the company built an internal tool or training program, it was my job to sell it to other businesses. Labs no longer exists.


Oh, yeah. During college, I co-founded HoboHookah.

Obviously didn’t care about health stuff at the time.