Testing the “Ultimate Button”

I recently tested Eric Graham’s Ultimate Button on my Dirty Copywriting squeeze page.

The implementation for the button isn’t the prettiest (I’m quite certain it physically hurt my designer to do it), but given Eric’s deep experience, I wanted the possible conversion boost if it was there.

Original version without Ultimate Button:

Alternate version with Ultimate Button:

Test Results

Conversion Rate: 29.3%
Conversions: 129

Alternate (with Ultimate Button)
Conversion Rate: 29.3%
Conversions: 132
Observed Improvement: -0.17%
Chance to Beat Original: 49.4%


Interestingly, the button produced very little difference for this case. Traffic sources were quite broad, coming from both endorsed affiliate promotions and AdSense advertising.

While the current observed improvement is minimal to slightly negative, I have decided to add the button to my standard page template for now. I’ll definitely test button design further in the future, but for now we’ll end this test and begin testing more important elements, like the headline.

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(Apologies for the weird headline clipping. I think the YouTube video was giving hell to my screen shot plugin.)

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