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“Urgency can drive action,” Mr. Greenbaum said. “Shorter subject lines will outperform longer ones, so you want to be clearer and concise in them.” (AdAge)

One of the very few potentially useful tidbits in this Ad Age email marketing piece. Seems like most marketers still don’t get email.

An Entrepreneur’s Choice

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The way I see it, an entrepreneur has 1 of 2 choices when approaching a task that is new or outside her skill set.

The first, and probably more popular choice, is to sweat it out yourself, trading your time for cost and speed.

The second is to hire a consultant, freelancer, or service to execute this task or project for you. If you are “lazy,” (I’m using this term lightly) you are probably more likely to consider this option.

Both options have their value, but which is best? It depends, of course.

While sweat equity gets a lot of talk time, why not take option 2 if you have the money? Someone else has already faced this problem, so why not focus on the speed and quality you could get almost instantly by hiring someone else? I don’t see it talked about in this way very often.

You can’t throw money at every problem, but a lazy streak isn’t always a bad thing. New problems or old, sometimes it’s best to bring on another brain to help you tackle it. Plus, another business relationship is never a bad thing.


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Using Digg to accelerate headline creation.

Quick (but pretty basic) ways to research your sales letter schwag.

NY Times not holding their end of the bargain

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So the NY Times epicly fails their incorporation of articles in to

All this while they’ve been pushing Google to articifically place their articles in the search results.

Yes, migrating all those articles is a project of massive scale. But no, it’s not impossible, especially for a company with their resources. (Not to mention a great opportunity to improve their URL structure.)

I’m not particularly entrenched in the newspaper industry’s future and plights, but they sure aren’t helping themselves right now.